Velux potential in extension project
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Written by Charlie Luxton, August 29, 2018
Topics: inspiration, advice

VIDEO: Transform your home with daylight

Architectural designer Charlie Luxton talks to homeowner Iris about her recent extension project and how the space has transformed her home. Read More

Written by Grant Sneddon, May 10, 2018
Topics: advice

What can I do to improve my home's indoor air quality?

We all know that outdoor air pollution can be harmful to our health. But did you know the air inside our homes can be a big problem too? Research by the World Health Organisation has found t... Read More

Written by Katie Cirovic, February 7, 2018
Topics: inspiration, advice, getting started

VIDEO: Transforming a flat roof extension with the VELUX curved glass rooflight

Watch as designer William Hardie transforms a dark and gloomy flat roof extension in a 1930s bungalow in Edinburgh. Read More

Written by Grant Sneddon, December 7, 2017
Topics: inspiration, advice

Four reasons why the VELUX CABRIO balcony took the internet by storm in 2017

What a year it has been for our CABRIO® balcony.  Read More

Written by OPEN architecture, November 21, 2017
Topics: inspiration, advice, getting started

Using Natural Light to Bring a Modern Feel to Traditional Spaces

Light has always been an important element in architecture, and at the pinnacle of this is the use of natural light. Also known as “daylighting,” the aim is to incorporate natural light as m... Read More

Written by Charlie Luxton, November 13, 2017
Topics: inspiration, advice

VIDEO: Realise the VELUX potential in your loft

Let architectural designer Charlie Luxton show you how to realise the VELUX potential in your home. Read More